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Nonchers 4 [IMG] Nonchers 4 [IMG] Beliebt

  • working boot animation file (many thanks to Immortal from russia)
  • init.d (THX Ricky Divjakovski)
  • Some build and init.d Tweaks (Thx Immortal).
  • KODI 18 (Thx Kodi)
  • KODI 17.6 (Ghost.apk Big thanks to the developer !!!!)
  • ES file explorer (Best Explorer ever, donate for Pro version !!!!!!)
  • Chrome (please do not update, because in this version copy mark and more is available, I love this, and it works in no other version works !!! OR ???)
  • TWRP (Thx Abdul ???)
  • TWRP included (Ricky Divjakovski)
Erstelldatum 23.05.2019
Änderungsdatum 28.05.2019
Version v4.5
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