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This Tool has the following features:

-Removed obsolete functions
-Better tool management
-More information displayed
-Fixed changing bootanimation
-Fixed bootanimation orientation
-Added bootanimation dimensions + FPS are now shown
-Fixed displaying wallpaper
-Fixed ability to change wallpaper
-Fixed ability to display bootlogo
-Apps tab now literally shows all apps.
-Added kernel/recovery tab
-Shortcuts to open certain kernel files added
-Shortcuts to open certain recovery files added
-Ability to convert recovery to TWRP recovery
-Option to open Generic.kl(keymap) file
-Ability to add init.d support(system hook)
-Abillity to compile into TWRP flashable zip
-Added option to choose wipe /data
-Added options to choose what files to write
-Faster EXT4 decompression
-Faster way of splitting update package
-Partition verification added
-Ability to save as project
-Repack to USB burn img
-Change bootvideo
-Enable boot video
-DTB editing
-Add/remove required keys for firmware flashing
-Enable adblocking(Donate version only)
-Full vendor partition support(Donate version only)
-Abillity to modify the internal partition table(Donate version only)
-Unpack/Repack the bootlogo
Much more i have forgot..

Erstelldatum 28.05.2019
Änderungsdatum 28.05.2019
Version 6.0.0
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