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Flash kernel - Flash recovery - Port recovery from device recovery - Port recovery from recovery.img - Port recovery from Upgrade package - Flash after completing port - Backup kernel/recovery to folder - Backup kernel/recovery to - Reboot - Reboot into recovery

Revamped and redesigned customization tool for all those wanting to modify existing Android firmware, this tool will allow you to modify a number of different aspects of Amlogic Android firmware. We can modify Boot Screens, Splash Screens, Installed Apps and all the usual features we have become accustomed to with customization tool, but with a more stable program.

The more interesting features Ricky has brought to customization tool is the ability to create TWRP files from any IMG file. Another feature is to convert IMG files directly into ZIP files for usage with TWRP. Both these features will make installing and backing up firmware much easier.

Amlogic have being well known for providing poor support for their tools such as Amlogic burning Tool and Customization tool which are essential in the recovery process of Amlogic devices. In recent years Amlogic have completely dropped support for customization tool. This poor support is very frustrating and yet Amlogic continues to ignore their customers and developers who provide a large amount of software fixes for their Android firmware.

Luckily for us we have some amazing groups of developers that can be found on sites like Freaktab and XDAdevelopers, both of which have spawned an entirely new set of Amlogic System Tools. Ricky Divjakovski has brought us a set of revamped Amlogic tools to not only replace, but to improve upon Amlogics work.

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